Crime Log Disposition with Definitions

Disposition Definitions
The Indiana University South Bend Campus Police Department uses the following dispositions for case reports and investigations as defined in the Federal Bureau of Investigations Crime Reporting Handbook (UCR).

    • Arrest-When a person is arrested; charged with the commission of the offense; and turned over to the court for prosecution.
    • Exceptional- A clearance in which some element beyond law enforcement control prevents filing of formal charges against the offender.
    • Unfounded-A complaint which is determined through investigation to be false or baseless.
    • Administrative-A complaint which is reviewed and determined to be non-criminal in nature.

Other dispositions include:

    • Inactive-A complaint which has been investigated, but currently lacks sufficient information to determine who committed the crime.
    • Active - Case under investigation.
    • Referred - A judicial referral for rules violations.
    • Referred to outside agency - Report sent to outside agency with jurisdictional responsibility