Emergency Preparedness for Student with Disabilities

A student with a disability who may need assistance evacuating a building in the event of an emergency is strongly encouraged to develop a personal action plan. The general nature of such a plan is described below. Your specific plan will depend upon your disability and requirements, the nature of the emergency, and your location at the time. Although assistance is available, it is important that you take responsibility for your own safety. 

Your personal action plan should include the following:

    • Familiarize yourself with the emergency evacuation route for each of your classrooms. This includes the location of designated areas for rescue assistance if appropriate. Make sure you also know the location and route to the designated tornado sheltering area. Maps of emergency evacuations routes are displayed in hallways. If you need assistance in determining the proper route, you can speak with your professor, the Disability Support Services office, or the IU South Bend campus police (574) 520-4499.
    • Identify someone in your class who will be able to escort you from the building or to a designated rescue area. If you are not able to identify someone, ask your professor to help you find someone willing to act as your escort.
    • Speak with your professors about evacuation needs and plan. Although a professor and your escort can assist you in safety evacuating a building, you are the best authority as to how you need to be assisted,

Please note that emergency personnel respond to evacuation location only when there is an actual emergency and the building must be evacuated. They do not do so for system tests or other non-emergency situations. 

Read the Emergency Action Plan