Campus Emergency Phone

The IU South Bend Elkhart Center site does not have outside emergency phones. Emergency telephones are located at various locations around the IU South Bend campus and on each floor of the parking garage adjacent to the elevator lobby.  Each phone has a blue light and an emergency phone sign.  For an emergency, dial 911 or press the emergency button for automatic dialing.  IU South Bend Police Department personnel may also be contacted for emergency or non-emergency situations by using the keypad.  Any crime or suspicious situation should be reported to IU South Bend Police Department personnel.  Call 4239 anytime from any campus phone.  A security or police officer will respond to your location.  The appropriate agency will be contacted in the event that further assistance is needed. Instructions for contacting civil authorities, or IU South Bend Police personnel may be found in the IU South Bend campus directory.

Location of Campus Emergency Phones