Financial Procedures

Financial Procedures

  • Accounts Receivable Billing Request

    According to Policy ACC-490 Non-Student (External) Accounts Receivable, Annual Write-off Report, departments cannot create/use their own invoice for billing non IU entities for goods or services. The KFS Accounts Receivable System must be used for this purpose. To accommodate this type of billing, the department must complete the Accounts Receivable Billing Request form and email the request to the Office of Fiscal Affairs, at for processing. Fiscal Affairs will create the invoice and return the invoice to your office for mailing/distribution.

    For further information contact Fiscal Affairs at 574-520-4878.

  • ´╗┐Hospitality Reimbursements

    Complete the Hospitality Reimbursement Form for all out-of-pocket hospitality related expenses. The completed Hospitality Reimbursement Form needs to be received by Fiscal Affairs no later than 15 business days after the event.  If not submitted 15 business days after an event, a written explanation is required.   

    Campus hospitality will cover a maximum of three persons for Search and Screen meals; they are limited to the candidate and two faculty or staff employees.

    Reimbursement from the Hospitality Fund for off campus meals are limited to the following amounts:

      • Breakfast:   $12.00 per person 
      • Lunch:           $15.00 per person 
      • Dinner:         $25.00 per person

    The campus will not reimburse alcohol; you may use IUF funds for alcoholic beverages and meal expenses above campus hospitality limits.

  • Hospitality Requests

    Complete the Hospitality Request Form for all hospitality-related expenses. The completed Hospitality Request Form needs to be received by Fiscal Affairs no later than 15 business days before an event.  If not submitted 15 business days before an event, provide a written explanation.  It may require the additional approval of the administrator (Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor or Director for your department). 

    Additional information and FAQs can be found in the Campus Special Events Manual at

  • Procurement Card
    1. Only original, detailed (with date, name of vendor, itemized list of items purchased, cost of each item, etc.) receipts will be accepted.
    2. Organize and number the documentation in the order in which the charge appears on the US Bank statement.
    3. Tape all small receipts to an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of paper. It is acceptable (and desirable) to fill a single sheet of paper with as many small receipts that will fit. If the receipt does not fit on the page, cut the receipt (not destroying any information) and tape to the same sheet of paper.
    4. Number the P-card statement to correspond with the numbered documentation.
    5. Forward documentation to IUAP using the FMS AP Documentation Upload Tool for DV and P-Card Paperwork Only.

    Fiscal Affairs is responsible for retaining original paperwork for seven (7) fiscal years plus the current fiscal year. Departments are required to submit all original documentation to Fiscal Affairs after submitting procurement card supporting paperwork via the upload tool.