Third Party Sponsorship Authorization Student Procedures to File

Student Procedures to File

  1. Submit a typed authorization form on official letterhead (or standardized form) from the sponsor organization each semester.
  2. Submit authorization to the IU South Bend Office of the Bursar by:
    1. Mail: 1700 Mishawaka Ave., P.O. Box 7111, South Bend, IN 46634
    2. Email: (include completed form as an attachment to your email)
    3. Fax: (574) 520-5001
    4. In person: Judy Houston – Bursar Office -- Admin Bldg rm 101-B
  3. Bursar’s Office must receive the authorization no later than five (5) business days prior to bursar bill due date. If you use U.S.  mail, please take mailing time into consideration.
  4. The authorization must include or state:
    1. Student’s name
    2. 10-digit University Identification Number (UID)
    3. The authorized term
    4. Sponsor contact information: name, phone number and the mailing address
    5. Amount or charge type authorized for payment
  5. If a voucher does not include all the information stated in #4 above, the authorization shall be declined and returned to sender.
  6. All required signatures must appear on the authorization or the authorization will be declined and returned to sender.
  7. Authorizations limited to a specific dollar amount will be honored for that amount only. If changes to the amount are desired, a new authorization must be submitted.
  8. If you have also applied for financial aid, it is your responsibility to notify the Office of Financial Aid of your third party sponsorship.
  9. If your bursar account is past due or if your sponsor organization has not paid for your tuition/fees, IU South Bend reserves the right to decline any new authorization.
  10. Authorizations must be in the Office of the Bursar by the end of the fourth full week of class for a term. Any authorizations received after that date, will be returned to the student.

Important note

When you submit an authorization, a credit is posted on your bursar account and the appropriate charges are transferred to the sponsor’s account. The sponsor will be billed following the IU South Bend refund period for a term. The invoice will be due in full approximately 30 days later.

Failure on the part of the organization to pay by the due date shall result in charges reverting back to the student’s bursar account. Often this results in a past due balance on the student’s account, subject to late fees and service restrictions, including future registration, at the University. IU South Bend reserves the right to decline further authorizations from the sponsor when the student’s bursar account remains past due.