Fee Appeal Polilcy

Fee Appeal Policy

Students who are required to involuntarily withdraw from one or more courses, due to circumstances outside of their control, may submit an appeal to request a refund of fees. This application, along with all required documentation, may be submitted to the IU South Bend Office of the Bursar, through U.S. Postal Service at P.O. Box 7111, South Bend, IN 46634, by fax at (574) 520-5001, or by placing it in the drop box located outside the Bursar's Office, Admin Bldg rm 100.


A completed Fee Refund Appeal Form must be received by the Bursar's Office within one year following the close of the appealed term/session.

  1. Student must provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances that made it necessary for him/her to withdraw from course(s).
  2. Student must provide applicable supporting documentation (outlined below).
  3. Application must be completely filled out and signed to move forward with appeal.

The student must have officially withdrawn from classes to file a bursar appeal. Academic transcripts must indicate "W" for courses to be appealed. Please note, grade change appeals must be submitted and approved prior to submitting the Fee Refund Appeal Form.

Appeal requests must be submitted by the student. Appeals submitted by a parent or legal guardian on behalf of the student, will be accepted only in circumstances where the student may be mentally or physically unable.

All communication made by our office regarding the appeal will be sent via IU e-mail or to the contact information (local mailing address and phone number) provided in OneStart. Please ensure that all addresses and phone numbers on file with the University are kept current. You can update this information through your OneStart account.

Incomplete applications will not be considered by the Bursar Appeal Committee.

Documentation Requirements

Appeal for Medical Reasons:

Letters from physicians must be on office letterhead stating dates the student was under their care and that the student was unable to attend/participate in the course(s) being appealed. Due to the sensitive nature of medical circumstances it is not required that any detailed information regarding the condition/illness that may have lead to the need to withdraw be provided.

Office notes, notes on prescription paper, or office receipts will not be accepted as appropriate documentation.

Documentation from an insurance company will not be accepted as appropriate documentation.

Appeal For Reasons of Death:

Newspaper obituary, funeral program/card or Death Certificate will be accepted documentation.

Appeal for Work Related Reasons:
Letter from employer on office letterhead stating student could not attend or was required to drop the course(s).

Final Decision Notification:

Once the completed Fee Refund Appeal Form has been received by our office, your appeal will be reviewed by the Bursar Appeals Committee.

You may expect notification of the final decision within 4-6 weeks.

To obtain a Fee Refund Appeal Form, click here:

To obtain a Penalty Fee Appeal Form, click here: